A listing of our active Sheriff Sales will always be available at the following link:


Our lists are provided in Adobe .pdf format. Please note the date stamp in the upper right hand corner of the first page to ensure that you always have the most current listings. In order to view .pdf files, you will need Adobe Reader which you can download (free) at

Should you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact: Deputy Phyllis Haas at (419) 354-9373.

The following are guidelines for Sheriff’s Sales for Wood County, Ohio effective with any sale held after November 26, 2016. You may contact your personal attorney for legal advice regarding these sales.

The properties listed are NOT available for inspection by the Wood County Sheriff’s Office or by the Plaintiff. All sales are “buyer beware” and no warranties are expressed or implied.

All real property to be sold at the public auction may be subject to a Federal Tax Lien that may not be extinguished by the sale. You are encouraged to check with the Wood County Recorder’s Office to determine if there are any Federal Tax Liens.

The properties cannot be sold for less than 2/3 of the appraised amount, unless otherwise noted in the newspaper advertisement in The Sentinel-Tribune.

If there is no purchaser for the first Sheriff sale then due to House Bill 390, there will be a second date of sale (which will be advertised in the first publication). At this second sale there will be no set minimum bid. If sold at second sale the purchaser shall be responsible for costs, allowances and taxes that the proceeds of the sale are insufficient to cover.

Sheriff’s Sales take place at the Wood County Courthouse, One Courthouse Square, Bowling Green, OH, in the Atrium area between the Courthouse and the office building. All sales start at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday’s (unless there is a holiday). Sales are conducted by verbal auction with the property being sold to the highest bidder. The final bid that is accepted by the Sheriff results in a legally enforceable Contract under Ohio Law.

Due to House Bill 390 The Wood County Sheriff’s Office requires the following as a deposit at the time of the sale. The lienholder (plaintiff) is not required to make a deposit.

  • If the appraised value of the property is:
  • < or = $10,000.00 = Deposit of $2,000.00
  • > $10,000.00 < or = $200,000 = Deposit of $5,000.00
  • > $200,000.00 = Deposit of $10,000.00

If the property has not been appraised (i.e. a tax sale) then the deposit will be 10% of the starting bid. No deposit will be less than $1,000.00. This amount will need to be given to the Sheriff’s Deputy as soon as all of the sales for that day are completed. If you do not have the money to put down at the time of the sale then you cannot bid on the properties. We will accept a personal check or a certified check for the deposit. The remainder of the money will be due in 30 – 90 days depending on how long the paperwork (confirmation of sale) takes to get filed. If you cannot complete the purchase for any reason, you may be cited for Contempt of Court. You could also lose your deposit (or more).

There is also a Purchaser Information Form that will need to be filled out by purchaser, whether it is the lienholder or a 3rd party. This form will updated and on our website shortly. The form asks for information on whose name the property should be deeded to and that information must be known at time of sale. Once this form is filled out, changes to the deed may only be made with a court order.

NOTE: Any checks that are returned for insufficient funds could result in criminal charges.

The Sheriff’s deed will be filed with the Wood County Auditor’s Office and the Wood County Recorder’s Office and mailed to purchaser.

Upon receipt of the deed from the Wood County Sheriff’s Office, if people are still living at the premises that you do not wish to remain, and they will not leave upon your request, you may file a Writ of Possession with the Wood County Clerk of Courts. The Clerk’s Office will then send the Writ of Possession to the Sheriff’s Office to be served upon the occupants.

Effective 7-1-2009:

  • The following are the new laws regarding recording deeds
  • There must be a 3 inch margin at the top of the first page and a 1 ½ inch margin at the top on any other pages.
  • There must be a 1 inch margin on the left, right and bottom of all pages.
  • Minimum paper size is 8.5” X 11” and maximum paper size is 8.5” X 14”.
  • Must use black or blue ink only.
  • No highlighting.
  • Ohio Revised Code Section 317.114 effective July 1, 2009

The following forms are available for your download and use:





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