The Wood County Sheriff’s Office provides vacation checks to residents within the county to whom no other law enforcement agency provides services. If you are going on vacation and will be away from your residence, we encourage you to complete this online form requesting that our patrol deputies make periodic checks of your premises. Upon your return, we will forward to you an overview of the dates/times when your residence was checked. Vacation checks will be performed for a time period not to exceed 21 days. Request for vacation checks lasting longer than 21 days will be classified as extra patrol.

NOTE: For the safety of our Deputies and any person(s) who may be staying at your residence we ask that you NOT sign up for a vacation check if your residence will be occupied during your time away from your home. Thank you for your understanding. Again, we will not conduct vacation checks of any residence which is situated in a jurisdiction that has its own law enforcement agency.

You may register for a security vacation check through our POLICE-2-CITIZEN INTERFACE.

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