The Clerical Division of the Sheriff’s Office consists of clerical Deputies covering different functions of the office.

Deputy Amy Taulker is in charge of records within the Sheriff’s Office. She handles all the accident reports and paperwork filed with our office, as well as BCI/FBI Webcheck fingerprinting. She also assists members of the public who visit our office and answers administrative phone calls. You may reach her at

Deputy Phyllis Haas is in charge of all Sheriff Sales in Wood County.  Tax Sales are conducted in person,  Thursdays at 10:00 a.m. at the Wood County Courthouse Atrium, as they come in. Foreclosure sales are done online — check our sheriff sales page for more information.  Please see our website for a listing of all pending sales. Deputy Haas also handles all of the payroll duties and assists in the evidence room. If you need assistance, please contact her at

Deputy Jill Holland is in charge of sex offender registration for Wood County.   She is also the grant administrator for the office and junk motor vehicle filings. Please contact her at for assistance with sex offender registration, grant questions or junk motor vehicle filings.

Deputy Rachel Recker handles the concealed carry permit filings, as well as processes civil papers for the Sheriff’s Office. She receives all paperwork to be served on residents of Wood County. She also assists members of the public who visit the office, as well as answers the administrative phone calls. Deputy Hess can be reached at

Deputy Jamie Webb handles the body camera and dash camera media requests and redactions for the Sheriff’s Office. He manages the records requests for these media sources for the office, general public and local courts and prosecutors offices.  Deputy Webb can be reached at


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