Wood County Sheriff’s Office R U OK Program Launch

Jul 11, 2022 | LATEST NEWS

The Wood County Sheriff’s Office is proud to offer the automated telephone assurance system, R U OK?  In a partnership with the Wood County Committee on Aging, the Sheriff’s Office has launched this program to Wood County seniors, who live independently or are disabled in some way to to assure their well being.  The system is free to Wood County residents, and is a pre-recorded message that calls a participant at a specific, designated time on a day(s) of their choosing.  This software system will then acknowledge that they answered the call and will call them at their next scheduled time.  If the participant does not answer, the system will call back a determined number of times before a deputy is sent to check on the individual.

To find out more about this program, or how to enroll, please contact Director Brianne Cooper at 419-354-9005 or via email at



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