Wood County Sheriff gives people access to records, reports and more with new website

By Michael Bratton | Posted: Tue 11:12 PM, Apr 03, 2018 | Updated: Wed 12:13 AM, Apr 04, 2018 on 13ABC.com


BOWLING GREEN, Ohio (WTVG) – Interactive and easy to use: Those are some of the words Wood
County Sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn uses to describe his office’s new and improved Police-to-Citizen
“Knowledge is power,” said Wasylyshyn. “If you know what’s going on in your community, if there’s an
issue down the street, or in your neighborhood or in your community—this is a way to see what’s going
The interactive site offers anyone access to things like inmate records, warrant searches and even live
tracking of dispatched calls.
“Whether it’s a fire department, EMS run, one of the police departments or us,” said Wasylyshyn. “Where
the call is, the nature of the call. It’s not going to have the details, but it’s at least going to let you know
are they en route to a domestic, are they en route to a theft, a robbery—what is going on—they can see
that right on the CAD screen.”
The sheriff says information on the site covers more than 20 villages and 30 fire departments, including
Lake Township, Rossford and Walbridge.
People can even look up previously dispatched calls to track things like crime on their street.
“They can put in, their village, a date range and see what all the calls that have been going on in their
community over those listed dates,” said Wasylyshyn.
While not every detail can be put on the site, Wasylyshyn says he hopes it shows his office’s
commitment to being open with the public.
“We have nothing to hide,” said Wasylyshyn. “We want to be open and that really builds our relationship
with the community when they can see what we’re doing, why we’re somewhere. It’s all, again, part of us
being open and transparent with the citizens we serve.”
The sheriff says his office is working to constantly update and improve the new site and more new
features will be added in the coming months.
You can find a link to the site in the sidebar of this story.