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Social Media – Update

One of our goals for 2014 is to reach more of our community with timely and relevant information. We are working hard to utilize the opportunity that social media plays in helping us to reach those we serve. We encourage your to visit our Facebook page and to follow us on Twitter. If you have any more suggestions on how best to reach you please do not hesitate to pass it on.

UPDATE: We have recently received several comments posted on our social media outlets that have asked about our social media policy. The purpose of maintaining Facebook and Twitter accounts is to have additional resources by which we can distribute what we believe is important information in a timely fashion to as many people as we can. Social media affords us the ability to do just that.

We recognize that social media inherently allows visitors the ability to comment on information that we distribute. We appreciate and value comments, we really do. We do not maintain a social media presence however to facilitate an open forum discussion nor do we want to use social media to receive and respond to questions or concerns. Our sole purpose is to be able to distribute information. We simply do not have the time or resources to respond to questions or engage in a lively debate on either Facebook or Twitter. If we did so it would be a time-consuming and cumbersome task. We strongly believe our first task should be to get information to you as quickly as possible.

While we allow comments to be made on our Facebook page, the comments are not accessible to the public as again, the purpose of our Facebook page is not to facilitate an open discussion. We do take the time to view all comments, both positive and negative. Understand that some comments may be attached to a post that is no longer timely or relevant. A posting about a snow emergency that happened several days prior is not timely information. In such cases those posts are removed based on their lack of relevance.

In addition, we receive an unfortunate number of comments that contain vulgarity and are simply inappropriate. We are not in the position to monitor and pick and choose those comments that are appropriate for public consumption. It is a better use of our time to simply not allow any comments (positive or negative) to be viewed by the public. You are more than welcome to hold such discussions and debates about our services on your own Facebook and other social media accounts.

As a reminder, we do not respond to questions or concerns via Facebook or Twitter. We make every effort to funnel online contact with our agency through our webpage. We are very diligent in responding to submissions from our webpage online contact form.