Livestock Registration Form

Dear Livestock Owner,
The Wood County Sheriff’s Office maintains a Livestock Registry to aid the Sheriff’s Office with locating owners of lost, missing, or found livestock. Without livestock owner information, it is sometimes impossible to locate an owner of an estray that has found their way onto our highways.
The Wood County Sheriff’s Office makes every attempt to locate the owner of lost, missing, or found livestock before the animal(s) are impounded and sold at auction.
Below you will find a form for you to register your livestock with the Wood County Sheriff’s Office so you can be notified if your livestock is found on our public roadways or on someone else’s property.
If you own any cattle or large livestock in the County, please be sure to fill out and submit the Cattle Form below. These completed forms will assist us in the event of any reported loose cattle or livestock.
If you have any questions, please contact us. We appreciate your cooperation and participation in the Livestock Registry.

Definition: An Estray Animal is an animal that is farm stock, that has strayed away from the farm. It is not an animal that is native to the area.

Estray does not apply to rescued, domesticated pets, such as cats, or dogs.

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