About the Justice Center

The Justice Center, a 224 bed facility, was first occupied in June of 1990 and has a staff of over 50 deputies involved in the operations of our Full Service Facility. The staff is responsible for the safety and well-being of each inmate, and strives to maintain full accreditation with the standards set forth by the Bureau of Adult Detention of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections. On site also is a full-service medical facility operated by Correct Care Solutions, LLC and a fully staffed kitchen that provides meals for the Justice Center,  Juvenile Detention Center and Juvenile Residential Center.

Wood County Justice Center



For inmate information please contact the Justice Center Records Office at (419) 354-7744 [Option 1] or utilize the Police-2-Citizen interface [Some Inmate data is only available from 08/29/2011 to date]. Information pertaining to an inmate’s court hearing or court status should be obtained from the court where the hearing was held. The Wood County Justice Center will only release the current bond status of an inmate and an anticipated release date (if applicable).

Contact Information

Captain Rebecca McMonigal
Office: (419) 354- 7744, ext. 2210
E-Mail: rmcmonigal@co.wood.oh.us

Lieutenant Jamison Rose
Office: (419) 354-7744, ext 2236
E-Mail: jrose@co.wood.oh.us

Lieutenant Jamie Webb
Office: (419) 354-7744, ext 2201
E-Mail: jwebb@co.wood.oh.us