Flooding Awareness

Great news! The bitter cold temperatures should be behind us! Spring is just around the corner. Mark Wasylyshyn, Wood County Sheriff, is asking all drivers to be extra careful during the next week as the temperatures rise and the snow and ice melt. Many of the usual water paths maybe blocked and you may see water in areas where it usually doesn’t flow.

Slow down when driving through water as it can pull your vehicle off to the side. Do not drive through deep water, as it can stall your engine and cause expensive damage to all the electronic and computers in your vehicle.

If a road is closed due to flooding DO NOT DRIVE DOWN THE ROAD.

If we have any ice jams on the Maumee River or Portage River the water can rise very fast. Be aware when driving in know river flood areas should we have ice jams. We were very fortunate in the spring of 2014 that both rivers ice broke very smoothly. We are hopeful the same will occur in 2015.