Frequently Asked Questions

Human Resources

Do you allow internships?

How do I apply for a road patrol, corrections, or dispatch position?

I just completed my NTN exam. What can I expect to happen next?

How often can I apply?

I just submitted my application. What can I expect to happen next?

Who do I contact if I’m having trouble submitting my online application?

Concealed Carry

Where can I download the Attorney General's Concealed Carry Laws Manual?

What are the fees associated with Carrying Concealed Handgun permits?

What section of the Ohio Revised Code governs the application process for Carrying Concealed Handguns?

What other states does Ohio have a reciprocity agreement with?

How long will it take before I receive my permit?

Who is the Sheriff's Office contact person regarding Concealed Carry permits?

What appointment times are available to submit my application and complete my background check?

Applications are accepted by APPOINTMENT ONLY. IT IS PREFERRED THAT YOU ARRANGE FOR AN APPOINTMENT ONLINE by clicking on Book Appointment above. Appointments are available Monday- Thursday with varying times. On occasion, there is also one Saturday a month available. If you do not make your appointment online you may do so by phone; however there may be a delay in processing your appointment. Contact Deputy Rachel Scherley by telephone at (419) 373-4912 to schedule your appointment if you are not making your appointment online. An appointment is not needed for an Emergency Application.



What is TEXT-to-911?

Is it better to send a text message or make a voice call?

How do I send a text message to 911?

Is there a cost?

Who is going to answer my text message?

Will a text message to 911 get me help faster?

What phone carriers have systems where texting to 911 works?

Will my text go through if I don’t have 3G or 4G service? Do I need WiFi?

Can I send a group text message, like to both 911 and to my friends, so they’ll know that I need help too?

Will you be able to respond to text messages in languages other than English?

Can I text you a picture or video of what’s happening around me?

What happens if my text message doesn’t go through?

What happens if I’m texting from my car and we travel outside of Wood County?

How long will it take for my text message to go through?

I sent you a text message five minutes ago. Why haven’t I heard back from 911 yet?

Ugh! Why isn’t my text message going through?