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Detective Division

The Wood County Sheriff’s Office Detective Bureau consists of six Detectives who handle nearly one thousand investigations per year.   The Detective Bureau investigates criminal activity against Persons and Property as well as conduct Narcotic and Human Trafficking Enforcement Investigations.  The Detective Bureau conducts investigations and prepares cases for successful prosecutions by conducting thorough interviews, recovering

Sheriff Auxiliary

The Wood County Sheriff’s Auxiliary consists of 45-50 volunteers who donate their time to help the Sheriff of Wood County. The Auxiliary is coordinated by a committee of six special deputies. The Auxiliary is a self-run organization that controls its own funds, and works closely with the Sheriff to assist in any time of need.

Road Patrol

The Road Patrol Division consists of 20 Deputies, 4 Sergeants and 2 Lieutenants.  The Division is supervised by the Operations Captain. Road Patrol Deputies are the primary law enforcement responders for 17 Townships and 7 Villages in Wood County. They are secondary responders to 11 Villages in the county that have only part-time law enforcement

Civil Division

The Civil Division of the Sheriff’s Office consists of three deputies who are responsible for serving summons and warrants issued by the courts. Their duties also include serving and executing writs of possession and execution. The Civil Division coordinates prisoner transports to and from state and local penal institutions. This division also arranges all extraditions

Clerical Division

The Clerical Division of the Sheriff’s Office consists of five clerical Deputies covering different functions of the office. Deputy Amy Taulker is in charge of records within the Sheriff’s Office. She handles all the accident reports and paperwork filed with our office, as well as Webcheck fingerprinting. She also assists members of the public who visit our

Communications Division

The Wood County Sheriff’s Office Communications Division is staffed by 20 full time Deputy Sheriffs.  Along with dispatching for the various divisions of the Sheriff’s Office, the Deputies in this division also dispatch for 14 full and part-time law enforcement agencies as well as 17 EMS and 23 Fire stations throughout Wood County.  Along with

Special Response Team

Goal: The Special Response Team remains a critical part of the continued commitment of the Wood County Sherriff’s Office of providing the highest quality law enforcement possible to the citizen’s of Wood County. The safety of all of our citizens is of top priority. The members of the SRT train on a regular basis to


The D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program is an internationally recognized, model program created in 1983. The program started in 1992 at the Wood County Sheriff’s Office with one officer and has expanded to three full-time and one part-time D.A.R.E. deputies. The program is co-sponsored by the Ohio Attorney General, the Ohio Association of Chiefs


The Wood County Explorer Post is an extension of the Boy Scouts and is chartered under the Erie Shores Council Division. The Explorer Post trains young adults in several different areas of Law Enforcement including but not limited to traffic control, laws of arrest and proper communication skills. The Explorer Post is composed of young