September 29, 2020  The Wood County Jail is able to provide inmate video visitation for individuals who are currently incarcerated. The Wood County Jail recognizes the significance of visitation and the opportunity to maintain contact with family and friends, all while upholding facility safety and security. Visitation with inmates in the jail is non-contact, using Securus Video Connect which is a web-based visual and audio communication system. Family, friends, attorneys and public officials can schedule and participate in video sessions from anywhere with internet access.

Wood County Jail video visitation provides family and loved ones with an opportunity to video visit those in jail and has been in the works for months. Those who wish to have a video visitation, still have the ability to come to the Wood County Jail after scheduling an appointment, and use the lobby kiosk for free for the video visits. Those who wish to conduct a video visit from the comfort of their home now have the ability to schedule a visit that way with Securus Video Connect. The Securus Video Connect option from at-home remote visits has fees associated with these visits, excluding fees for attorneys or other public officials.

Sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn said “We have been working to complete this project to ensure our inmates as well as families of the inmates have an opportunity to maintain contact. With the Governor having to suspend jail visitation due to the pandemic; we knew this platform would be critical to provide to citizens in Wood County. It was important to me to still provide a free visitation for our inmates and their families, so we opted to utilize a lobby kiosk video visitation for those who are in the area and wish to drive to our facility and visit at no cost. Our jail staff has been working to implement and educate those currently incarcerated on the system, and we are happy to be able to provide this type of visitation for all of the families who have not had the chance to visit with their loved ones while in jail.”

All Wood County Jail video visitation sessions must be scheduled by appointment, 24 hours in advance.  Details on how the system works and regulations to conduct a session can be found on our website under the Jail tab or by clicking Video Visitation.