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Senior Citizen Safety

Crimes against our senior citizens are typically perceived as terrifying crimes. However, the greatest threat of crimes against seniors comes from fraud and con games, and these can be just as devastating, if not more so, than “traditional” crimes. BE

Home Safety

Our Homes can never be 100% safe. We can bar our doors and windows. Put security cameras at all points of entry, and hire a full time guard to watch all the cameras. But the fact is, if someone wants

False Alarms

Learn about the impact that false alarms have on law enforcement. [WATCH VIDEO – SECURITY ALARM INDUSTRY COALITION] WHAT CAN YOU DO TO REDUCE FALSE ALARMS? Make sure everyone is familiar with alarm system operations. Secure doors and windows before

2014 WCSO Website

Since the summer of 2009 the official Wood County Sheriff's Office website has served us well. Each year the site welcomed more than 200,000 visitors. We have recognized that as technology changes, so should the platform by which we deliver

Child Safety

FAMILY RULES Establishing a system of “family rules” about personal safety can be a good way to teach children to distinguish between safe and anon-safe situations. Many families already have rules about bedtime, TV watching, chores, etc. By adopting rules

Internet Safety

There was a day when our kids use to pass notes in class; play board games with the family or go to the library to check out a book. Those activities have been replaced with texting, online gaming and surfing

Speed Limits

SPEED – exceeding the posted speed limit and driving too fast for conditions are prevalent factos contributing to traffic crashes. Many people have misconceptions about the safety of speeding. Some argue that everyone is doing it or that they are