Pokémon Go information

Pokémon Go
The Wood County Sheriff’s Office has been experiencing a rise in Trespassing and Suspicious Activity events recently due to the new Pokémon Go app. This is a geo-cache type system that incorporates real world maps and digital gaming and is extremely popular. Participants have reportedly been seen on private property as well as businesses, churches, and government property even when closed to the public. The participants are using their phones to find the location of “Pokémon’s” in order to play the game. These actions may be considered trespassing and put the participant in a position of unnecessary risk. Please refrain from going onto property without proper permission or after appropriate times. Parents should encourage their children to avoid these actions for their own safety and enjoy the game responsibly.

The Sheriff would also like to urge everyone NOT to engage in Pokémon catching behind the steering wheel. Find other ways to play safely. Eyes on the road, Pokémon Masters!
Thank you